Since many years collaboration between companies and research institution is facing some difficulties despite a lot of effort put in accelerating this cooperation. Therefore we want to appreciate project from life science sector where building bridges between research and entrepreneur worlds are fruitful and bring benefits to both sides.Applications in this area should include both scientific institutions and research and development departments of existing companies as a result of cooperation between the research unit and the company.
In this category, the CEBioForum Award will go to a person who has a significant impact on the direction of biotechnology development in Poland.
This category is dedicated to highlight young companies established after 01/01/2018 with promising commercializing project.We address entities whose activities are based on the implementation of, for example: an innovative biotechnological product, medical device or bioinformatics program on the market.
Out of all application in this contest our experts in the field will have possibility to indicate the most interesting project basing on their knowledge and scientific or business experiences.

biotech awards’


+ jury

prof. Magdalena Król

Cellis sp. z o.o./ Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Beata Szparaga-Waśniewska

mBank S.A.

Robert Florczykowski

Third Dot

Paweł Wielgus PhD

Bioceltix/ Kvarko Investment Fund

Aleksander Kłósek

YouNick Mint

application deadline

31 March 2023

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the award

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