CEBioForum in its refreshed format focuses on using its 20 years of experience in supporting the Polish life sciences sector. As a networking platform, it cooperates with Polish and foreign entities for their long-term development and cooperation.

For 20 years, the Central European BioForum has been organizing internationally renowned conferences for the biotechnology sector. Every year, over 100 exhibitors and about 2,000 participants take part in them. Thus, CEBioForum supports the development of the Polish biotech-pharma sector, supports the development of diagnostics and breakthrough therapies, helps in establishing international cooperation and is a meeting place for academic and business communities.

Since 2022, the owner of the CEBioForum brand is the Association of Biotechnology Companies BioForum.

CEBioForum is a brand that has existed for over 20 years. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the creators, it has become a unique networking platform for the life-science sector. The Forum provides its regional and foreign entities with expertise in the Polish biotechnology sector.

The first CEBioForum fair was held in 2000 (earlier under the name Bio-Forum) in Łódź on the initiative of prof. Tadeusz Pietrucha, biotechnologist, associate professor at the Medical University of Lodz. The idea of CEBioForum is to support start-ups and modern technologies in the field of life sciences. The event is accompanied by fairs and conferences that facilitate establishing business contacts and are an opportunity to present the offer of companies and institutions in the biotechnology industry.

The primary mission of CEBioForum is to promote the Polish life science sector in Poland and abroad. In addition, we aim to create new opportunities for Polish biotechnology companies to establish business relationships, which actually supports their development. The key tool for achieving this goal is the annual organization of fairs. Each spring during the fair, a wide range of topics where biotechnology is applicable are discussed.

In addition to conferences, we plan to support European entrepreneurs and innovators with monthly events that present the activities of individual companies or discuss topics such as support programs, economic perspectives of the life-science sector, etc.

In the following years, in addition to foreign economic missions, open thematic and networking meetings will be organized in Central and Eastern Europe.


We are changing for you!

In 2021, we changed the formula of operation and, due to the new needs of the market, we moved all events and initiatives to the virtual world.
BIOTECH NETWORK PLATFORM is the first in Poland, innovative platform for exchanging experiences and establishing business relations. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of others at our online trainings and events.

We know that establishing business contacts and one-on-one meetings have been the most appreciated asset of our activity so far, which is why the new formula of CEBioForum allows us to continue this initiative.

Regardless of the restrictions on movement, meet potential partners and maintain your business contacts, which may result in lucrative contracts in the future thanks to online B2B meetings directly in our application.



For 20 years, the Central European BioForum has been organizing internationally renowned fairs for the biotechnology sector. Every year, over 100 exhibitors and about 2,000 participants take part in them.


biotech talks

CEBioForum plans to become the number 1 platform for the biotechnology sector in Poland. Since January 2022, broadcasts, webinars and live thematic meetings have been created.



It is a prestigious competition for the life science industry aimed at recognizing biotechnology companies and people from Central Europe whose activities stand out from the life science sector.


economic missions

CEBioForum wants to give you and your company a chance to develop internationally and enter new markets. For this purpose, we establish cooperation with local partners and organize an economic mission. We provide mission participants with B2B meetings with companies from a given economic region.



The regularly sent newsletter is a compendium of the most up-to-date knowledge about the sector and innovations.