The biotechnology sector has grown in recent years and the need for an entity representing the industry is obvious. The employers’ association will allow for an effective fight for regulations conducive to the development of the industry, but also for attracting targeted projects for the sector.

The union may be joined by legal persons, including those operating within international corporate structures, natural persons conducting business activity, being employers within the meaning of the Act of 23 May 1991 on employers’ organizations, conducting analytical, research and development work or production activity in the field of biotechnology or being investors in such entities.


In order to join the association, it is necessary to complete the membership declaration by the person/s authorized to represent the entity. For more information, please contact us at: zwiazek@bioforum.pl

The Association operates on the basis of the Statute.


Representation of the biotechnological environment.

– Identification and implementation of activities aimed at the development of the innovative biotechnology industry in Poland.

– Participation in the dialogue in the field of shaping the law and directions of the state policy regarding the functioning of the innovative biotechnology industry.

– Building awareness and knowledge of members of the parliament, government, local governments and representatives of other public authorities on the role and importance of the innovative biotechnology industry in Poland.

– Supporting members of the Union in the process of registration and production of biotechnological products in the European Union.

– Developing permanent contacts and exchange of information between members of the Union.

BioFoum is a member of EuropaBio

The BioForum association joins the European debate on the future of the biotech industry! The Association of Biotechnology Companies BioForum plans to actively participate in the work of the EuropaBio association. Representatives of BioForum recently participated in a meeting of members of the organization in Brussels, where they had the opportunity to learn about the structure, principle of operation of EuropaBio and personally meet representatives of associated entities. EuropaBio is a European association of 39 biotech companies, 27 national associations and 10 associate members. Every year, the association organizes the European Forum of Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB). The Association represents European biotech before the European Commission and the European Parliament, gives opinions on the emerging legislation in the Healthcare and Industrial Biotechnology sectors. As part of the cooperation, companies associated as members of the BioForum Association can, among others, sit in Working Groups and thus influence European legislation in individual thematic sectors.




Full name: Association of Biotechnological Companies BioForum

Legal form: employers’ association

KRS: 0000882629
NIP: 7011020205
REGON: 388187704

Registration date: February 10, 2021.

Registered office address: Adama Branickiego 15, 02-972 Warsaw, Poland

Bank account number at BNP Paribas: 26 1600 1462 1850 9477 5000 0001