The CEBioForum biotechnology fair is an internationally renowned event in the biotech-pharm industry. After a two-year break, CEBioForum returns stationary to Poland, where the greatest experts from the country and abroad will gather. Two days filled with presentations and meetings as well as the prestigious CEBioForum Awards await the participants and exhibitors. This is a unique opportunity to present your achievements and find business partners in the industry.

In previous years, the event was held in major cities in Central Europe and the United States, such as: Budapest (Hungary), Brno (Czech Republic), Łódź (Poland), New York (USA). This year’s jubilee 20th edition will take place stationary in the capital of Poland – Warsaw on May 25-26. For 20 years of tradition, the CEBioForum fair has gathered over 100 exhibitors and about 2000 participants. We hope that 2022 will bring further records in numbers, but will also result in new contracts and international cooperation for many years to come.

As Martyna Ciszak, coordinator of BioForum for Bio-Tech Consultation says: “initially (2000) it was a meeting place for a dozen or so people who wanted to develop biotechnology in Poland, but over time it turned into an international fair. The goal of BioForum is to support building innovative companies in the life science industry on the basis of their projects. Participants of CEBioForum emphasize the special value of live meetings and the opportunity to exchange experiences at the international level.

Maciej Sadowski, Co-Founder and CEO of StartUp Hub Poland: “Bio-Tech Consulting and StartUp Hub Poland are starting to work much harder and more intensively (2016) to make Poland the central meeting place in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, where startup and academic projects can get to know each other and, as a critical mass of these projects, obtain very large funding: both public and private, both Polish and foreign.”

The plans of CEBioForum 2022 include primarily B2B meetings, but also a wide range of topics discussed during discussion panels and presentations of biotechnology companies (BioTechPitch). Meetings with the greatest experts and leaders of the medical, biotechnological, agricultural and technological industries promise to be particularly inspiring. The organizers direct their invitation in particular to investors, companies, local government institutions, startups and scientists interested in cooperation with business.

An important point of the fair is the presentation of the prestigious CEBioForum Awards for the life science sector. Companies and people related to the life science industry will be awarded. The prizes will be awarded in seven categories by the competition jury, which includes six members associated with the industry. The registration of applications for prizes in individual categories was opened on March 15 and will last until April 15 this year.

The CEBioForum biotechnology fair connects investors and entrepreneurs, people of science and business, which is why it is a unique event that everyone from the life science industry should enter in their calendar. Join the CEBioForum participants today!