PRICE: 6 500 EUR (+23% VAT)

  • 7 tickets (2-day-pass + banquet)

  • presence of a representative in the discussion panel

  • a separate description of the Sponsor in the conference catalogue

  • separate information about the sponsor in social media

  • an interview with a company representative in the video summarizing the event

  • speech at a banquet

PRICE: 4 000 EUR (+23% VAT)

  • 5 tickets (2-day-pass+banquet)

  • an interview with a company representative in the video summarizing the event

  • sponsor’s logo displayed during breaks

  • sponsor’s logo placed in the conference catalogue

  • handing CEBioForum Awards 2023

PRICE: 3 000 EUR (+23% VAT)

  • 3 tickets  (2-day-pass+banquet)

  • partner’s logotype on the event website

  • partner’s speech in the video summarizing the event

  • partner’s logotype in the online campaign

  • the possibility of including the partner’s materials in the conference package

Book your stand!

Present your company among the most important
biotech companies.

This year’s edition of CEBioForum 2023 takes place at the Cambridge Innovation Center (Chmielna 73) in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Cambridge Innovation Center is a meeting place and co-working space popular among people who think modern and versatile. Every week open Venture Cafe meetings are held, attended by young, ambitious people.

0 m2

Stand 4 m2 800 EUR
         (+23% VAT)


  • table

  • chair

  • roll-up space

  • 2x 2-day-pass

  • 2x banquet invitations

Stand 6 m2 1200 EUR                    (+23% VAT)


  • table

  • 3 chairs

  • 55 inch TV

  • flower arrangement

  • 2x 2-day-pass

  • 2x banquet invitations

Presentation 600 EUR                    (+23% VAT)


  • 10 minutes for your company on the Side Stage

  • 1x 2-day pass

  • 1x banquet invitation

  • 10% discount on the pass for additional people from the company

In the modern space of the Cambridge Innovation Center, there are two ways
to present your company:

  • basic stand
  • custom stand
  • BioTech Pitch

You can order ADDITIONAL equipment for each stand by completing the form below
and sending it to: