NCBR, PARP, KPK, European Commission, EIC Fund, PIAP i ZAZ Ventures for the first time in one place!

On February 2 at At 10:00 a webinar organized by CEBioForum will feature representatives of such organizations as: National Center for Research and Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, National Contact Point, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, ZAZ Ventures, as well as the European Commission and its EIC Fund!


What are the funding programs in 2022?

Our guests will present open calls for funding, draw attention to elements of particular importance, as well as suggest how to prepare for submitting applications and whether it is possible and how to hire a company that will help you go through the formal and substantive complexities.

How to join?

Click here and sign up for the event.


Is the event free?

Yes, the event is free. Our mission is to connect experts and professionals from the life science sector and to help them expand their network of contacts and develop Polish biotechnology.