Listen to warm invitation to JOIN #CEBioForum2023 by Michael Soldan, CEO of Polpharma Biologics

During his opening speech he will share with us his experience gained on his professional development path with over 20 years in pharmaceutical industry 💊

Meeting with Michael is a unique opportunity to get insight into the C-level of the big pharma world.

Why is Michael opening our conference? Here are the reasons:

1️⃣ He has a deep understanding of biosimilars with #executive perspective

2️⃣ He has impressive background in Life Sciences – from Clinical Research and Protein Chemistry to Vacciness and Oncology

3️⃣ He was responsible for medical of regulatory affairs in #bigpharma

4️⃣ He worked as a #scientist with PhD in Pharmacology

Don’t miss this chance to listen to inspiring talk by Michael and JOIN US at #CEBioForum2023 in 18-19/04 in Warsaw and save your spot in front row 😎