Together with BioForum, we became a partner of PTBI Symposium 2022!

The PTBI Symposium is an annual scientific meeting during which current research in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology is presented. An important element of the conference are high-quality lectures conducted by invited guests. The event is also an opportunity for less advanced scientists who have the opportunity to present and discuss their results and methods with a larger group of researchers at various stages of their careers.

PTBI Symposium 2022, organized by the Polish Bioinformatics Society, will take place on September 14-16 at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. During this year’s conference, it will also be possible to participate online, the entire event will be broadcast live. However, the organizers encourage you to attend stationary, because only in this form you will be able to take full advantage of the conference and experience networking. The entire event will be held in English.

Among the interesting lectures and discussions of researchers about their research, the PTBI Symposium 2022 will also include competitions. Volunteers will be able to present the proposed topic in the form of an oral presentation or a poster. An important part of the conference will also be a banquet to which all participants of the event will be invited.

Are you wondering if it is worth taking part in the PTBI Symposium 2022? Do not hesitate to register if you are interested in bioinformatics and life science. Many speakers and keynote speakers including:

  • Jacek Majewski – professor at the Department of Human Genetics at the McGill University Genome Center in Montreal, Canada, speech entitled “Interplay between epigenetic modifications in normal development and disease”
  • Hagen Tilgner – doctor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, USA, speech entitled “Brain isoforms in space and time”
  • Irmtraud Margaret Mayer – professor at the Center for Molecular Medicine Max Delbruck in Berlin, Germany, speech entitled “Tools for taming the transcriptome”

It can inspire you to keep going and achieve new things. See for yourself that it’s worth it!