We invite you to the lectures during the second day of CEBioForum 2023!

This year’s CEBioForum 2023 conference is even more opportunities. In addition to panels and B2B meetings, participants can also sign up for lectures.

Everyone will find something for themselves in the subject of the lectures, from the production of a biotechnological drug and the implementation of new technologies, through co-development and research partnerships, to the use of tax reliefs and preparation of the company for sale.

Which lectures can you attend?

Polpharma Biologics lecture

From design to implementation – challenges of the transition phase in biotechnological processes” where you will learn what is important when starting production and how to plan individual steps to ensure the success of the project.

The lecture will be conducted by Katarzyna Zalejska and Ewa Rybak and is intended for scientists from the biotechnology sector

CRIDO lecture

Tax savings due to conducting innovative activity” where you will learn how to use the available tax mechanisms in practice to support development activities in the company, what are corporate discounts and how to use them, and what key factors determine their safe use.

The lecture will be conducted by Marek Dalka and Urszula Uchmańska and is addressed to managers and companies at an early stage of development.

Wardyński & Partners lecture

What to think about when preparing for a transaction on the biotech market aimed at exiting the current investor from the investment or significant recapitalization of the company – the seller’s perspective“, where you will learn how to prepare the company for sale and what to pay special attention to in the entire process, how to take into account the implemented programs incentives for the company’s key management in the planned transaction structures.

The lecture will be conducted by Katarzyna Wójcik-Bąkowska and Marcin Pietkiewicz for company managers and investors interested in biotechnology.

EIT Health lecture

What makes working together work? – Principles/ good practices of Equitable Research Partnerships in Health.” – where the topics of how to create research partnerships and what to do to make them successful will be discussed.

The lecture will be conducted by Joanna Broy and Katarzyna Banyś and is addressed to company managers, companies at an early stage of development

McDermott lecture

Key Legal Issues and Pitfalls in Licensing and Co-Development Agreements” – where you will learn what are the key aspects of cooperation in the field of licensing and co-development, what pitfalls should be avoided and how to prepare for negotiating a partnership transaction.

The lecture is conducted by Monika Richter and is intended for in-house legal advisers and business development teams.

Mabion lecture

Mabion’s capabilities as an end-to-end biologic CDMO

Lecture will be conducted by MABION from 15:15 to 15:30


  • Sławomir Jaros

  • Adam Pietruszkiewicz