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Every innovation needs a starting point, an idea or hypothesis that needs verification in laboratories. Most of the projects are being developed at research institutes that are taking initial risk performing basic science. The results can be beneficial in many ways – depending on the application way. Here we would like to present various projects developed in major Polish research institutes. We will talk about their strong aspects of each of the projects and possibilities of their implementation in real life and what kind of benefits they might bring to society.

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Moderator: Magda Kulczycka

>>  How to prepare for a clinical trial of ATMP – own experience
prof. dr hab.  Maciej Majka, Jagiellonian University Medical College

>>  Post-production seeds polyphenols extract from Oenothera paradoxa and its application
dr n.biol. Wojciech Ciszewski,  Medical University of Lodz

>>  Electrical stimulation as an alternative method of tinnitus treatment
dr hab. n.med. Marzena Mielczarek,  Medical University of Lodz 

>>  New tacrine–acridine hybrids as promising multifunctional drugs for potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
prof. dr hab. n. farm. Paweł Szymański,  Medical University of Lodz

>>  In vivo zebrafish embryos X band Electron Paramagnetic Resonance toolbox for medicinal biotechnology
dr Katerina Makarova  Medical University of Warsaw”

>>  Recent progress in the development of steroid sulfatase inhibitors
dr Karol Biernacki, Gdańsk University of Technology

>>  Safe, new generation non-toxic dental composites
mgr inż. Monika Topa, Cracow University of Technology

>>  Multifunctional hydrogel-based hybrid materials for bone repair therapy
dr Adriana Gilarska, Jagiellonian University

>> Holographic medical assistant
dr inż. Klaudia Proniewska, Jagiellonian University Medical College

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