Cellivia 3 S.A. is a company combining knowledge in the field of: biotechnology, medicine and robotics. The company deals with: material banking
from the area of the oral cavity, development of technology for the production of advanced therapy drugs, research in the field of cell and tissue bioengineering, biotechnology and biomedicine, as well as the application of bioengineering and robotics in the medical industry.

GenXone is a Polish biotechnology company that offers nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) sequencing services based on nanopore sequencing technology. It is one of 32 companies worldwide licensed for commercial use of the technology developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies. The company creates its own solutions, including laboratory protocols and bioinformatics tools, to enable the use of nanopore sequencing in various fields, such as genetic diagnostics, food industry, veterinary medicine, and agriculture. Since March 2020, GenXone has been highly involved in the fight against COVID-19, focusing on SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing.


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