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R&D biomedical projects arising from universities (webinar, english)

Jak stworzyć i rozwinąć firmę biotechnologiczną w Polsce? (webinar, polish)

Cooperation with BigPharma - a fashionable slogan or a real chance?(webinar, english)

Scientific talents - how to attract them and develop their potential? (Warsaw, polish)

CEBioForum is changing for you! In 2021 we changed the formula of our activity and due to new market needs we moved all events and initiatives to the virtual world.

BIOTECH NETWORK PLATFORM is the first in Poland, innovative platform for exchanging experience and establishing business relations. Benefit from the experience and knowledge of others at our trainings and on-line events.

We know that establishing business contacts and one-on-one meetings were the most appreciated asset of our previous activities, therefore the new formula of CEBioForum allows to continue this initiative. Regardless of your travel limitations, meet potential partners and maintain your business contacts that may result in lucrative contracts in the future through online B2B meetings directly in our application.

CEBioForum 2021 was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

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