Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.


Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D. is a priest of the diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts. As an undergraduate, he earned degrees in philosophy, biochemistry, molecular cell biology, and chemistry, and did laboratory research on hormonal regulation of the immune response. He later earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Yale University, where he focused on cloning genes for neurotransmitter transporters which are expressed in the brain. He worked for several years as a molecular biologist at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Fr. Tad studied for 5 years in Rome where he did advanced work in dogmatic theology and in bioethics, examining the question of delayed ensoulment of the human embryo. He has testified before members of the Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Virginia and Oregon State Legislatures during deliberations over stem cell research and cloning. He has given presentations and participated in roundtables on contemporary bioethics throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

He has written articles for various national publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Morning News. He has done numerous media commentaries, including appearances on CNN International, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and National Public Radio.*


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