Elevator speech

new opportunity for scientists!

Elevator speech – new opportunity for scientists!

„Elevator speech” is an opportunity for scientists to present the most important aspects of their area of interests, share the experience during the open discussion with the other participants. This offer is adressed to scientists from the life science sector focusing on innovations in healthcare (also in veterinary medicine).

Every participant has 5 min for presentation, which should include:

  • presentation of the research group
  • information about the with other research institutions and companies
  • R&D and business offer
  • profile of desired scientific/business partner

After presentations part there will be networking session (the main purpose is the opportunity to contact other R&D institutions and companies – e.g. to participate in the Horizon 2020 program).

Direct contact: p.marczuk@cebioforum.com
Cost: 60 euro (includes lectures package, elevator speech and networking session).

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