BioForum 2017

We know top news in Polish biotech!

BioForum 2017 – we know top news in Polish biotech

BioForum 2017 was the place where we’ve started to announce and spread the top news in biobusiness!

A press conference is an integral part of every event. This year we decided to use it to find out what is happening and invited the leaders of Polish life science companies to spread their plans and successes.

Big steps in laboratories

Marcin Szumowski, President of the Management Board of OncoAndndi Therapeutics SA, an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics for neoplastic and inflammatory diseases, announced that this fall, the company plans to begin the first phase clinical trials of the OATD-01 compound for respiratory diseases: asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The first safety and pharmacokinetic results are expected at the beginning of 2018. OATD-01 is the first chitinase inhibitor to have entered formal pre-clinical development.

The completion of Mabion’s clinical trial in the area of RA was announced by Dr. Sławomir Jaros, Director of Operations and Research Mabion SA. As a result, the company became the first biotech company in Poland to conduct an international Phase III clinical trial of Mabion CD20 and is preparing to submit a registration dossier to the EMA. This will be the first Polish biotechnology drug that has reached such an advanced stage of development. We should be proud!

The conference would not be complete without the Proteon Pharmaceuticals, which started the European procedure for the registration of BAFASAL as a feed additive. BAFASAL will be the first EU-registered feed additive based on bacteriophage technology.

One develops project another factory

From January 2017 the extension of the Polpharma biotechnology center in Gdansk is underway. The investment purpose is to install an additional production line for, among others, manufacture products in bacterial expression systems. This will be the first in Poland technology line to produce products in bacterial cells, which will combine the classic technology based on stainless steel with disposable materials.

Specializing in the development and production in mammalian cells, we are expanding our capabilities for bacterial cell production. And the combination of two technologies in one line gives us greater flexibility in the manufacture of different types of products. This puts Polpharma Biologics among the most significant players in the global market for biological medicines, emphasizes Adriana Kiędzierska-Mencfeld, Director of Polpharma’s Biotechnology Division in Gdansk.

Celon Pharma SA also begins the process of expanding its Research and Development Center. Until 2019, in Kazun Nowy, near Warsaw, a modern facility will be built. The construction of CBR will be financed from the company’s initial public offering and the Innovative Economy Program. The total cost of the investment is about 80 million zlotys.

This project confirms the constant implementation of our business strategy in the field of new therapies. It will allow the integration and optimization of all research and development processes within the company and will several times increase our qualitative and quantitative potential in this area. This is especially important for the global commercialization of our drug candidates, said Maciej Wieczorek, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A.


BioForum as a place where you can hear top news in life science sector? Definietly!